Polyester Webbing Leash - Optional traffic handle - 1 ft to 6 ft!

  • $17.00

This listing is for a polyester webbing dog leash. Polyester webbing is a type of webbing that has a high abrasion resistance as well as a low water absorption rate. It's sort of a mix between polypropylene webbing and nylon webbing. Polypropylene webbing absorbs as little water possible, nylon webbing absorbs the most, and polyester (right in the middle) absorbs some water, but it's still very minimal. Polyester webbing has a slightly higher abrasion resistance compared to polypropylene making it a little more suitable for rough and tough play. 

We are open to customizing just send us an email woof@thesilverhound.net

Don't forget: to specify what color or pattern webbing you'd like also make sure you specify what color hardware you want if you select Powder Coated.

Powder coating comes in all the colors pictured below. Please be aware that powder coated hardware should be treated with more care as the paint can scratch or chip easier than other hardwares.

*Shipping info: If there is an overcharge for shipping $1.00 or greater I will automatically refund it before shipping your order. :)

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Our polyester leashes are stitched a minimum 10 times in 3 rows at all stress points to ensure strength and durability. Polyester webbing is water resistant and mildew resistant making it okay for water wear (however nickel and powder coated hardware is not, we recommend brass or stainless steel if you plan to use this in the water often) 

We choose to offer polyester webbing instead of nylon because: 
- polyester has a higher water resistance compared to nylon (nylon is known to absorb water and stretch when wet) 
- polyester webbing is mildew and rot resistant due to the ability to absorb very little moisture, nylon is more prone to trapping water and mildew.

(If you would rather have NYLON webbing feel free to ask, we can easily swap it out, it does come in different colors!)

Washing your leash: I personally toss my leash in the washer on cold and lay it flat to dry or hang outside on a nice day! DO NOT iron the webbing of your leash, the iron will more than likely melt it! You can also hand wash your leashes and dry as specified above.

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