Full Fabric Dog Leash - Pick Your Fabric!

  • $23.00

This listing is for a full fabric leash in your size, width, and fabric of choosing. Make sure to read below before placing an order

We are open to customizing just send us an email woof@thesilverhound.net

Don't forget: Make sure to include your hardware color choice, your fabric choice, and any other special requests you may have in the "Notes" box.

These specific fabrics are limited to the length listed below.
Unlisted fabrics are available up to 6ft. (subject to change without update - I will try to keep this updated but sometimes I run out and forget to update this)

  • #188 - up to 4.5 ft leashes
  • #32 - up to 4 ft leashes
  • #265 - up to 5 ft leashes
  • #292 - up to 5 ft leashes
  • #271 - up to 5 ft leashes
  • #242 - up to 4 ft leashes

If you'd like a different fabric that is not pictured here please message me and I can see what I can do. Some fabrics I am able to get some I am not.

*Shipping info: If there is an overcharge for shipping $1.00 or greater I will automatically refund it before shipping your order. :)

• • • • • • • • • • • ★★Learn more about your Leash!★★ • • • • • • • • • • •

All our leashes are made with 100% cotton fabric that is pre-washed and dried prior to construction. We include on the inside of our leash handles polypropylene webbing to ensure they hold up to your tough pup! We stitch our leashes with 100% cotton quilting thread and stitch up to TEN times at all stress points.
(This is why our stitching often times looks thicker than compared to others.)

We use heavyweight polypropylene webbing rather than nylon webbing for various reasons such as:
- polypropylene is soft to the touch rather than abrasive like nylon
- polypropylene is water resistant whereas nylon stretches when wet and absorbs water
- polypropylene is mildew and rot resistant due to the ability to wick moisture, nylon is more prone to trapping water and mildew.
(If you would rather have NYLON webbing feel free to ask, we can easily swap it out!)

Washing your leash: I personally toss my leash in the washer on cold and lay it flat to dry or hang outside on a nice day! If your leash handle seems wrinkled you can very carefully and quickly go over it with an iron on a low-medium setting; this is to be done carefully as you don't want to melt the interior webbing! (DO NOT iron the webbing base of your leash, the iron will more than likely melt it!) You can also hand wash your leashes and dry as specified above.
Want a fabric not found in our current listings? Be sure to view our entire fabric collection on our facebook page www.fb.com/TheSilverHound in the photo album "fabric options" or on our fabric instagram page @TSH.Fabric - still can't find something? The message me to work that out!