Pre-Made: 1.5" Wide Plastic Classic/Reg 13"-20"

Pre-Made: 1.5" Wide Plastic Classic/Reg 13"-20"

  • $22.00


Collar details:  
Collar is 1.5" wide red plastic classic/regular collar. It adjusts from 13"-20", most ideal for a 14"-19" neck.  

Want this fabric but in a different size, width, or different hardware?

You can find it here:


All ready to ship collars will ship within 3 days of you placing your order. We generally aim for next day/same day but that's not always possible and we've found 3 days gives us the best amount of time. 

This listing is for an already made dog collar that is ready to ship, this specific collar can not be customized. If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us! 

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