If your question isn't answered here please don't hesitate to contact me! I'm always happy to help!

How would I measure for my dogs neck size?

I highly recommend just measuring around your dogs neck about where you prefer the collar to rest on your dogs neck. We recommend doing it this way because some people prefer their collars to sit higher up/tighter or lower down/looser. If you don't have a fabric ruler (generally found in the sewing section of your store) you can use a regular ruler or tape measure and a piece of string/shoelace/dog leash by using the string to measure your dogs neck and then measuring the string with the flat ruler/measuring tape. 

What type of sizing do you recommend for puppies?

When ordering for a puppy or a young growing dog we will still need your puppy's current neck size. But you will also mention in the notes box that your dog is a puppy and that you would like a puppy sized collar. This will let me know you want the collar to start at your puppy's current neck size and adjust up from there. For example: your puppy with a 13" neck would get a collar that adjusts from 13"-18"ish* (*exact measurement would depend on the style you choose as different styled collars adjust differently)

Do you offer returns/exchanges? What's your return/exchange policy?

Generally we do not offer returns or exchanges because our collars are made specific to your dog. HOWEVER we are always willing to work with you if there has been a mistake made on our end (for example I made the wrong size or style collar). We can not offer FREE returns or exchanges if you ordered the wrong style/size collar, but for a fee we can generally offer exchanges. Returns and exchanges are very dependent on each situation so just shoot us a message if you need to discuss a return or exchange.

My dog outgrew it's collar/my dog tore the fabric/I'm tired of the pattern I chose, what can I do now?

We are happy to offer a hardware recycle program! If you dog outgrows it's collar, if your dog is rough with the collar and tore the fabric or just got it dirty beyond repair, or if you're just tired of the fabric you chose, but the hardware on your collar is still in working condition we can offer you a discount on a new collar in exchange for sending in your old collar to re-use the hardware! This only works when you order the same style as the collar you send in (1" wide fabric martingale can only be recycled for a 1" wide fabric martingale) the discount varies due to different styles and hardware costs varying. (For example a plastic classic/regular collar will get you less of a discount than a brass fabric martingale) To recycle a collar just send us a message to get started. Both shipping costs are to be covered by the customer.

How long do orders take before they ship?

You can generally see our most up to date order processing time in our website header or on each product page there should be a checkbox acknowledging our current processing time. Our processing time fluctuates often based on how many orders are coming in or if I'm out of town or just if I get sick or something that keeps me from working. For the most part our standard processing time is 1-3 weeks though. (Some orders can take longer if I have to restock hardware/fabric, we try to keep everything in stock but sometimes I miss count my inventory or I don't see I'm out of a specific hardware)

How long do orders take once shipped?

First class shipping inside of the continental U.S. generally take 3-5 days. They can sometimes take a few days extra dependent on weather. Priority shipping is supposed to only take 1-3 days inside the U.S. but the USPS can sometimes be a day or two late. First class international shipping can take anywhere from 1-6 weeks however USPS does not guarantee shipping times for first class packages. Priority international shipping is supposed to only take 6-10 days to all countries however I've had some take a little longer unfortunately. All shipping times are listed in business days and are not guaranteed as I can not control the package once it's in the hands of the postal service.

Why don't you have set sizes? Do your collars adjust?

Of course our collars adjust, our collars always adjust unless we specify it with you otherwise (but truthfully I don't think I've ever made a collar that does not adjust). The reason we don't like to use set sizes because having dogs of my own I know how annoying it is to have a dog be on the cusp of two sizes (example: set sizes are 11"-15" and 15"-20" and you have a dog that has a 15" neck). We ask your dogs exact neck size so that we can make your dog's neck measurement be about the middle of adjustability on your collar. (on very large collars I don't make it to the middle I instead make it adjust up about 5 inches from your dog's neck size.) We also don't use set sizes because different style collars have different ranges of adjustability. (For example: fabric martingales adjust much less than a tag collar or no buckle slide collar will)

What are your collars made out of? Is the material pre-washed/pre-shrunk?

Our collars are always made out of 100% cotton fabric and polypropylene webbing on the inside (If not we will specify otherwise). The reason we like to tell people this is because we want you to know our collars have a solid base and are not just plain fabric inside. We wash and dry all our material before constructing your collar to pre-shrink the fabric. Shrinkage can sill occur if you expose the collar to excessive heat.

How should I wash and care for my new collar?

I like to say treat your new collar like you would your favorite cotton t-shirt. While our collars are sturdy and fairly strong, they just don't last forever and can't withstand every single thing life throws at them. (Why we like to offer our recycle program - explained above.) You wouldn't wear the same t-shirt for months on end without taking it off would you? So why leave the same collar on your dog for months on end? To give your dog's collar the longest and best life I recommend removing it when planning to get excessively dirty or if they're planning to rough house with other dogs (dog teeth and cotton fabric just don't play well together lol). To wash your collar: I personally wash my collars in my washing machine with my regular laundry (You can tie them inside a pillow case to protect them from banging around a ton in the wash) and then I lay it flat to dry outside. Hand-washing is a little more gentle but I never feel gets the collar as clean as the machine. So it's up to you how you wash your collar. Another thing I recommend is removing the collar at night, or having a few collars to rotate to make them all last longer. 

What is a "no buckle slide" or other collar style? I just want a regular collar how would I order that?

We have a collar style info page specifically for this to explain the different styles and hardware options. Please click "collar style info" from the menu or click this link: https://thesilverhound.net/pages/about-the-different-collar-styles-faq